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Art is utilized by me to manifest the conceptual foundation of the realms of psychology and spiritual/religious history. The intention behind my artistic endeavors is to encapsulate a vision of universal psychology, delving into the depths of individuals' beliefs. I aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the intricate interconnectedness of the various layers of morality that exist in our world, unveiling the tumultuous underbelly of their reactions.


Through my artistic pursuits, I find purpose and motivation, serving as a conduit for my own existential exploration. It is plausible that these expressions may resonate with others, yielding a newfound awareness of their own latent tendencies toward hysteria as a result of the complex web of moral codes that enmesh us .


Art has the capacity to serve as a therapeutic tool, acting as a metaphorical window into the depths of one's soul. It possesses the unique ability to convey the artist's innermost thoughts, emotions, and experiences. By engaging in the process of creating art, individuals can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth. The act of striving to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their artwork inherently involves introspection and self-improvement.





The "method stage" of art emerged amidst a surge of conflicting ideologies, compelling me to explore the various paths individuals undertook to attain personal mastery. This involved delving into psychoanalysis, assimilating knowledge, and embracing spiritual beliefs that permeate our internal and external worlds. The aim was to uncover remedies for both personal and collective afflictions, whether pertaining to the erosion or construction of morality and the elusive nature of truth.


Navigating through this intricate labyrinth, I experienced countless sleepless nights, realizing the daunting nature of this endeavor. Nonetheless, it held immense significance to me: the ability to transcend narrow perspectives and convey profound insights to others, even in the absence of verbal language.




 The artwork I have chosen is titled "Asking for Salt" (29.7 x 42 cm), which serves as a visual representation of the progressive stages I underwent during my exploration of the "method." This artistic journey commenced towards the end of 2018.



The artwork encapsulates the disintegration of religious and sociological constructs. It depicts a conglomeration of individuals interconnected by intricate ink threads and crosses, while their countenances exhibit a state of hysteria.

Jemma C, at her second solo exhibition, "Ideograms of The Mind",
April 2022. (Art Brutal Curation, Woodstock, Cape Town.)

"Asking For Salt" 
29,7 x 42 cm 
Ink on paper

April 2023.

Release date of the website/ online gallery. 

11th Started using video format to catalogue the artwork including my own personal perception towards each piece. Youtube and Facebook.

2024 journal.

2023 journal.

2022 journal.

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